An Exclusive Interview With Artie

Today, we interviewed the general manager at Lit Cigar Lounge, Artie. We asked him meaningful questions about his experience at Lit as well as the journey he went through to get to where he is. Artie gave us a beautiful story that we are proud to share with you all.

Q: Hello Artie, how are you doing?

A: I’m doing good! How about you?

Q: I am doing great Artie. Thank you for having me today. I want to kick us off by asking you this question: What was your thought process in re-doing the back of the lounge?

A: I was looking for comfort, better air quality, and the ability to relax and smoke a cigar and just enjoy the moment quietly or have conversations if you wish. The main purpose was also to have a comfortable space that had enough seating for all of our members, and to make sure that seating did not put members on top of each other with the limited room we had originally. We redid the HVAC system and added a mini-split so I would say that the air quality in the lounge has never been better. All of the furniture in the lounge is brand new and extremely comfortable. We got brand new televisions, with a highlight of a brand new 75 inch Crystal UHD 4k TV, and we got brand new tables that are next to every chair that run across the walls, as well as new tables that are in the middle of the lounge surrounded by their own chairs. Overall, I would say that we are doing a great job with our renovations, and we are nowhere near finished. Coming soon, we will have a brand new ceiling with brand new lights, and additional ventilation will be added as well.

Q: Artie, these changes sound absolutely brilliant. In addition to these new renovations in the back, are there any new things that you want old and new customers to learn about?

A: Our cigar inventory continues to expand. I am always searching for new cigars and other lines, but nothing comes in unless I personally try it and believe it’s worthy of taking up real estate in the front. We are launching a new segment called weekly spotlights which will highlight a different cigar every week that I think is outstanding and deserves more recognition. Everyone will get 10% off of this cigar for the week that it’s highlighted. Be sure to check the Instagram and The King’s Ramblings for our spotlight. Now, for one of my most exciting things to talk about, we launched a brand new website. It is innovative, informative, and interactive. It will be updated consistently so you should check it out all the time because you never know what’s going to change, and trust me, changes will be implemented rapidly. Even the blog you’re reading right now is brand new! In addition, we are also rolling out a brand new template for everyone subscribed to our mailing list. These templates will highlight information for the week, our weekly spotlight, an event calendar that spans up to the next upcoming event and 2 events after that, as well as Quicklinks to certain spots on our website.

Q: Those changes are looking really nice Artie, seriously this place looks phenomenal and the website does too. We are very excited for all of these new changes to be implemented. My next question is what can you tell us about the future of Lit Cigar Lounge?

A: The future is Lit. We’ve survived Covid and business is still healthy. With the new layout in the lounge we can accommodate more people throughout the week, so I see a continued growth and I’m excited about it. I love people and I love to see them happy and I love to give them a cigar that they tell me later was amazing. That is the only pat on the back that I need.

Q: That is very nice, it is very pleasant to hear that making other people happy makes you happy. This would also relate to my next question: How would you describe your journey at Lit from when you began until now?

A: It was a rough-go at the beginning but with persistence it all changed.

Q: We’re glad to see the place is on the upward trend. Are there any closing remarks you would like to tell the people who read this?

A: Come in and experience the new Lit. Most of you probably already know me and you already understand that I’m never gonna stop trying to make things right especially with what you smoke.