Weekly Spotlight: Punch 180th Anniversary

Since its humble beginnings in 1840 as an export brand to the United Kingdom, Punch has been a trailblazer that has weathered many storms, wars, revolutions, and rebirths. It has captured the palates of generations of cigar enthusiasts: especially in the heart of the Americas.

As a way to commemorate this momentous 180th anniversary, Punch is serving the Aniversario: a spectacular cigar befitting Punch.

Rolled at the HATSA factory in Honduras, the 7 ¼-inch-by-54-ring gauge Punch Aniversario is made with a four-country blend consisting of a broadleaf wrapper and binder from the Connecticut River Valley and a mix of filler from Honduras, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The packaging for the Punch Aniversario features a handsome box stained a dark shade of navy blue with gold accents.

New World Churchill

Punch as a cigar brand dates back to 1840 and gets both its name and mascot (Mr. Punch) from the popular Punch and Judy puppet shows of the day. The brand changed hands multiple times before and after the Cuban revolution. The first non-Cuban Punches were made in the 1960s, with General Cigar eventually acquiring the U.S. rights to the name in 1997.

Punch 180th Anniversary

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