Welcome To Our New Website!

After what has been plenty of days and nights of constant development, it is finally here. The new, improved, and redesigned Lit Cigar Lounge website. Below, we will go over the details from start to finish on everything that has been added (and what will be added in the future) to give you a visualization on what our goals for the future are.

  • A brand new beautiful home page designed to give our customers a visual appeal to our new website.
  • Designated sub-pages carefully thought out in order to give certain viewers the information they seek right away.
  • A designated sub-page for our most popular cigar brands, as well as additional information in regards to the inventory that we have.
  • Forms to sign up for our mailing list and to become a member, should you choose to.
  • An event calendar, giving you the date and time of our upcoming events, as well as who will be there and the company that is being represented.
  • Links to follow us on Instagram and to view us on Facebook.
  • A lottery page designed to show our customers the NJ Lottery games that we offer.
  • An entire page dedicated to our wonderful store manager, Artie.
  • A page that redirects you to the Lit swag store.
  • Last but not least, a brand new blog called “The King’s Ramblings”. This blog will go over events at Lit, as well as a brand new segment that is called “Weekly Spotlights”. Use this blog to find all the new upcoming information that we at Lit have to offer.

With all of these features, we kept all of our customers in mind to design a website that is intuitive, innovative, and interactive for you all.